Product Development


Startup is a fledgling business and its valuation is largely defined by already existing and paying clients.

To win paying clients fast it is essential for a startup to validate assumptions as early as possible. This is to mitigate the risks of early-stage tech companies associated with technology and product.

First, it is critical to prove that new technology is realizable and will work as planned. Second, find the market fit. From the very beginning it is not certain what the final product is going to be and whether it will be adopted by the customers or not. Entrepreneurs must start testing the product and getting customer feedback as early as possible.  

GTI will help structure development process in highly uncertain environment and adapt to ever-changing market requirements on tight budgets.

We will help minimize costs for product development at all stages of investment, including “seed”. We focus on mitigating risks and maximizing transparency for VCs. This in return improves the chances of raising later rounds of investment.

What we do:

  • Structure transparent product development that is clear for VCs
  • Focus on high-priority features of the product being developed
  • Introduce agile product development,   based on iterations and constant adaptation to customers’ needs, which minimizes risks of building a product that does not have a market fit
  • Help building balanced independent teams

How we do it:

  • Workshops on Agile/Scrum methodologies, XP, agile project management
  • Team dynamics and processes developed on a case by case basis
  • Consulting at all stages of development, implementation and iterations
  • Introducing tracking software (upon request)
  • Access to expertise from the leading tech companies in software development and integration segment (GTI TechAngels)