GTI TechAngels mentor network draws on the expertise, knowledge and experience of successful startup founders and entrepreneurs through engaging members of Russia’s and global leading IT-companies, and implementing world’s best practices in business development, design, software sales and marketing to benefit venture industry. Today, GTI TechAngels include several dozens of founders, CEOs, top caliber experts, lead software developers and architects from Mail.Ru, Google, Parallels, EMC, Oracle, Intel, HeadHunter.Ru, Microsoft, T-Systems, Luxoft, Exigen Services, Rocket Internet, РНТ, Groupon, to name a few. These are the professionals who are committed to provide regular mentoring to Russia’s tech startups.

TechAngels mentors are actively engaged with projects at different stages – from those that have already raised first rounds of investment and are facing the challenge of rapid product design, entering domestic and/or international markets, and business scaling, to seed-stage companies that require assistance in initial business model validation, selecting the right technology and platform, building a team and managing internal processes. We also provide support to venture funds and business angels at the stage of product technology due diligence. 
Among the clients that have successfully used TechAngels’ assistance, are such companies and funds as Wobot, DashBoard Systems, Russian Navigation Technologies, and Tamir Fishman CIG venture fund. Our mentors are heavily involved in working with GTI Labs accelerator projects.